About us

Meet The Smith Brothers: A Banker and a Biker

Squires Smith, a collegiate cyclists, half-decent
mechanic, and an all-around bicycle enthusiast
is the visionary behind Altangle. It all began with
Squires imagining and sketching a bike
maintenance device that he and his teammates
needed, but never found.These original designs
sparked several years of tweaking, modeling, and
modifying and evolved slowly into the products
we offer today, starting with the Hangar.

As is often the case, the Hangar is a product born
of necessity, and fueled by passion and
inspiration. While Squires began his professional
career in industrial construction, he continued to
develop and plan, and of course, always, to ride.
Scott, Squires' brother, made his way through the
worlds of investment banking and private equity.

After some long days, months, and years of
doing the financial grind, Squires got Scott
to quit his job and join him on a bike,
sharing the best thing he had to offer for a
life well lived. It was there, from four tires on
the road, that Altangle was launched.

Capitalizing on their complementary skill
sets, the Smith brothers formulated a
mission to create an 'alternative angle' on
biking and bike products. The ultimate goal
of Altangle is to make an amazing sport
even more enjoyable and increasingly
accessible to cyclists of every level.